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Since 1996, the Visakha Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (VSPCA) has been hard at work, determined to improve the conditions for animals in India. The VSPCA works to stop the illegal trade in internationally-protected sea turtles, rescues cows and water buffalo too old or injured to be kept by their previous owners, as well as provides permanent happy sanctuary to hundreds of dogs, cats, birds, monkeys, horses, rabbits, tortoises, ducks and other animals who had been suffering severe abuse or neglect.

We currently have over 1300 large and small rescued animals in our sanctuary near the city as well as our new "Kindness Farm". We have provided spay and neuter procedures, as well as vaccines and health checks to more than 80,000 street dogs. The population of street dogs in this area is smaller, healthier and ever shrinking as a result of this wonderful program. Please help us continue to help these animals.

URGENT! VSPCA is on the ground responding to Vizag Gas leak and rescued over 300 animals in less than 24 hours. Please look into the facebook post

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