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Our ABC (animal birth control) help - most of the VSPCA workers are from the poor and needy surrounding village families and their salary averages just Rs. 2500 (USD 56.00) per month. That is a good wage for them and without that they might have no work at all. Most fortunate for VSPCA even though they might not have had much schooling or because of that, they are dedicated and hard working and eager to learn the animal welfare skills. Many are women which shows how brave they are to go out from their homes and work. And now after some time with VSPCA they help us more so for love for animals than the necessity of working. With every donation we receive it helps to keep them in our employ - building a kinder vision of the world for all.

Goshala (cow sanctuary) help

Goshala (cow sanctuary) help.


Group photo of members and staff with a visiting celebrity - Mrs. Amala Akkineni.

VSPCA began in 1996. We are indebted to Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, Ms. Margaret Gebhard and Animal People News and for their kind support and encouragement in our earlier years.

Our recent survival would not have been possible without the wonderful support of the Greater Good Foundation (Gifts that Give More) through kind people worldwide; Phil and Trix Wollen of the Winsome Constance Kindness Trust; Animal Welfare Board of India; Dr.& Mrs. S.H.M.Modi Hormus House Benevolence Trust Fund; and operating grants received from The Ahimsa Foundation (USA) and Help Animals India (USA).

Through the auspices of Help Animals India, Ms. Olive Walker has greatly helped improve our shelter in countless ways/ And through Help Animals India Ms. Jane Koutnik's funds have helped our area's horses!

We are making the best us of one of the few mobile animal ambulances in India which was donated by the Bridgitte Bardot Foundation. We are very grateful to Ms. Jeanne Marchig of The Marchig Trust, Ms. Kirvil Skinnarland of Maria Norbury Fund for Animals, Ms. Esther Geisser of Net AP (Network for Animal Protection), Animal Angels (Germany), Humane Farming Association (USA), Mayhew International (UK), A Well Fed World (USA) and World Parrot Trust for their generous contributions.


Philip and Trix Wollen, The Winsome Constance Kindness Trust - Australia

Ms. Olive Walker

Ms. Margaret Gebhard

Esther Geisser, Network for Animal Protection (NetAP), Switzerland

Governing Body of VSPCA

Project Director/Founder/President: Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath
Vice President - Ms.Usha
Secretary - Ms. Mallika Buddhiraju
Treasurer - Mr. J. Sridha
Joint Secretary - Ms. Sarada Buddhiraju
Joint Secretary - Mr. JVVS. Rajsekhar
Joint Secretary - Mr. Srikant
Pramod Agarwal
Subhash Kedia

Advisory Board

Ms. Margaret Gebhard
Ms. Esther Geisser
Ms. Olive Walker
Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Trix Wollen
Dr. Gayatri Vaidyanathan
Dr. Yamini Narayanan, ARC DECRA Senior Research Fellow, Alfred Deakin Institute, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

International Representation


VSPCA Europe
c/o Network for Animal Protection (NetAP)
Vogelsangstrasse 32
CH-8133 Esslingen (ZH)
Tel. +41 (0)44 202 6868

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For donations please use the following bank details (note: donations in Switzerland are tax-deductible):
IBAN: CH52 0900 0000 8578 8418 5
BIC: POFICHBEXXX / Postfinance, 3030 Bern