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Animals around the world need people like you.

Natural ecosystems around the world are collapsing and many animals are struggling to find water and food.

Help VSPCA address human-animal conflict scientifically and ethically.

TRIBUTECorona takes away one of VSPCA’s Frontline Warriors. A tribute to the silent Animal Rights’ Warrior! — Mr. Narayana Rao

Currently, our shelters are overcrowded with animals. We cannot intake/adopt any more animals in our shelters. We are a small NGO operating with limited staff members and funds. We hope you understand and support us through this tough time. To compensate it, we have started our Mobile Ambulance Services to bring our service to your area.

A greater understanding of our relationships with other living beings can honor

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Join us to protect the animals and natural habitats in Visakhapatnam, India
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Animals around the world need people like you. Find out how you can help us move the world to protect animals, and give them better lives.

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