Unholy Animal Fights at Indian Festivals

Unholy Animal Fights at Indian Festivals

Friends again! 

These rams pictured were bred and trained to fight during the Dussehra festival last season. Millions are bred and trained to fight at Dussehra. This is illegal. Local police are well aware. A drive to stop this has been initiated – but it takes incredible effort to penetrate illegal clandestine operations.

In a raid, these two rams were seized by local police and handed to VSPCA by the court magistrate. We had to build enclosures to keep them separate. From babyhood, they were trained to fight. It’s the only thing they knew. It was a way of living for them. ?

Our animal keepers have been butted by both, in their need to fight. Over months, our patience and efforts – leaving them free under watchful eyes, providing the required diet, taking them for walks together…have paid off!

Today, they eat, walk. and dose together! ? They have befriended another goat – “William.”

Even though these animals are abused by humans, they can bounce back to being happy creatures among us. Our attitudes, kind-healthy environments, and love matter. These are intelligent beings who know right from wrong. Can we humans open our eyes about right from wrong, regarding our treatment of animals?

VSPCA reunites families!

A mother and baby (a relationship hardly different from our own), illegally transported for slaughter. As humans, we consume the flesh of these individuals. This destroys families.  Our society has ‘normalized’ this.   At our shelter the rescued individuals are free to bond, living out their natural lives. 

For donations please visit https://vspca.org/donate/ or also by Google pay vide SBI SB A/c 00000015619893, IFS Code SBIN0003060, MICR Code 530002008, CIF No.8048318894 or SBI SB A/c no. 1084 9854432, IFS Code SBIN0000754

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