Styrene gas ruins Visakha!

Styrene gas ruins Visakha!

The blast that should never happen has happened amidst the Corona Virus Pandemic case Lockdown issues. 10 years ago there was one more blast in the HPCL refinery where too many people died and affected animals too. And now in LG Polymers amidst bustling localities just 300 meters away from the factory.

On May 7th, 2020 at 3 AM styrene gas leaked from the LG polymers industry.

The leak happened from one of the chambers and the people started to fall like play cards. I am sure you all would have seen the gruesome scenes in the media. Throughout the day hospitals were flooded and the entire area evacuated making the area look like ghost towns.

But the animals were simply stranded. The large animals mostly buffaloes and their babies tied up died due to excess exposure. 29 of them died on spot Six dogs died and all of them owner dogs belonging to the pedigree. These were also exposed as they were in the house. Some of the dogs were given water treatment for recovery. Only two street Indian dogs were affected while the rest on the roads mostly around 64 preliminary count were seen running around seemed to survive the ordeal. Some pet birds died in the houses too.

We rescued immediately the vulnerable ones as 4 puppies and one cat in very critical shape. The rest food and medicines were given. Cattle treatment was done along with the Animal Husbandry department. By evening the owners were asked to take their cattle away. The critical ones are still under observation and treatment

Today the 8th of May is the second day. There were two more leaks resulting in a panic situation with more people radius 5 km started to vacate. All of them with vehicles were found at the Beach road. Our efforts were compounded with the authorities not allowing in these areas as the total evacuation was recommended and no person was allowed. However, our team got in with special permission to feed, treat, and rescue four more dogs trapped in the houses.

This is the Venkatapuram locality the most affected just 300 meters away. We plan to move into nearby areas too and do the needful Preliminary report shows that much problem exists in this place.

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