Dogs – our responsible watchers to guard the hatcheries

Dogs – our responsible watchers to guard the hatcheries

This is their HOME! And they earn their right to these beaches. They are moulded to assist alert the Sea Turtle watchers during the nesting season. They are part of our Dog Feeding Station. So they take the responsibility to guard the Hatcheries. They are here again and we hope that the Hatcheries watchers make the most of our “watchers” during this season too. On our part, our vigil continues and to feed the dogs.

At this stage, we wish to mention that The Forest Department, Visakha has taken the entire responsibility to protect the endangered sea turtles in this urban beaches and we are most happy to handover and move on to more extended unexplored beaches.

25 years fully successful effort will be added to our long list of success stories.

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