The Kindness Mobile Restaurant for the abandoned

The Kindness Mobile Restaurant for the abandoned

It has been more than four years since we started our project Vegan Meals for the Poor through our Kindness Mobile Restaurant (KMR). It has been one of the most successful, unique and one of its kind programme in India.

The soul of this project lies in the very emotional natural bondage of love and compassion between two living beings (humans and dogs) abandoned on the roads. This compassion is a connecting effort towards one another.

We select and provide free vegan meals to them and more to those who adopt such road dogs. It is an example of extreme confidence and finding that strength and happiness through genuine love and warmth for one another. A wholesome and nutritious vegan meal is hygienically packed and provided to the poorest of the poor in their respective places. Many of them have a trusted association with a street dog. Both the poor person and the street dog have overcome loneliness in having each other as companions.

This programme is an opportunity to prove that Animal Welfare Societies care for all lives, have a heart for the sufferings and want to help! The KMR proves without a doubt that living beings are pure, devoid of caste, creed and religion and that is when peaceful coexistence happens. Your kind donation will help us continue and expand this program.

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