A special appeal to the public of Visakhapatnam

A special appeal to the public of Visakhapatnam

A special appeal to the public of Visakhapatnam by VSPCA and our para vet Jagadeesh at our main shelter.


The pandemic has sent many animals to our shelter due to abandonment. At VSPCA, we are doing everything we physically and financially can, to accommodate more animals than our capacity allows, with respect for their health and well-being.

Jagadeesh says:

“At present, our shelter is overcrowded and becoming congested as you can see. Yet, we face criticism from the public.

Even though we are responding to our maximum bandwidth, we face criticisms like ‘You are not doing anything!’ and ‘No service is provided by you people.’

But no one has come here to observe the situation and see for themselves. Is there enough space for all the animals? Do they have sufficient food on a daily basis?

People are underestimating the effort and finances needed to help animals. Spreading negativity about VSPCA cannot help the people complaining, nor the animals. Furthermore, it hurts VSPCA’s sincere efforts.

But, we are doing our best to stretch ourselves and respond to as many emergency calls we can, during each day. “

We are an NGO where almost everyone is a volunteer working with the support of donations from the public.

We are consistently responding to all emergencies at our maximum capacity. We request your understanding, while we also increase our fundraising efforts to increase our capacity.

Your understanding and support of our efforts will go a long way for all animals. Thank you!

To support our organization please donate to us at vspca.org/donate

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