Adopt an Indian dog and feel the difference!

Adopt an Indian dog and feel the difference!

As more people in India get “pets” or companion animals, one of our aims is to avoid the same problems that the western countries have been battling for over 100 years. That of unwanted pets having to be euthanized. We need the public’s help to adopt a pet rather than buy one from a pet shop. #AdoptDontShop

Indian dogs are natural humans. They do not need any training nor lessons. They are intelligent living beings who have the ability to learn really quick and adapt to the conditions around them. Swamy Shyam Sundar is one such Indian dog who was rescued as a puppy from a very busy main road.

We now work under the Dog Protection Programme (DPP) in collaboration with NetAP – Network for Animal Protection. Adoption of Indian dogs is one of our aggressive campaigns with a strict monitoring system to reduce the number of dogs from the streets, reduce cases of rabies, dog bites and other varied complaints.

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  1. Rakesh says:

    I need more than dogs Play because I help so much environment free space and I love you so much dogs my contact details 939 872 4458 my name Rakesh from anakapalli

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