The lockdown led to food scarcity for street animals

The lockdown led to food scarcity for street animals

India is facing currently the worst phase of the COVID-19 pandemic through its second wave. The positive cases every day have been skyrocketing and the crematoriums are not able to handle the death counts. There has been a shortage of vaccines, oxygen, critical equipment, and medical infrastructure. In these uncertain times where human life is so fragile, animals are completely neglected and are being abandoned. The Lockdown and the restrictions imposed in the state are making it difficult for street animals especially dogs to find food for their survival.

This is a case of a bus stand where it is generally busy with commuters occasionally offering food to the dogs. Due to the lockdown, the bus stand is empty with no one around. But, the dog enjoys the freedom and luxury to sleep. He is one of our feeding dogs. Our flagship project ‘Dog Feeding Programme‘ has to add more food packets during this pandemic as there are more animals to feed as none of them can find food in public places.

Your support to us during these difficult times could go a long way to help more animals in this pandemic.

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