People are abandoning their pet dogs in this pandemic

People are abandoning their pet dogs in this pandemic

With the pandemic creating havoc in India with its second wave, the situation is way worse for animals. With lockdowns and restrictions in place, the city spaces are empty without the usual hustle making it utterly difficult for the street animals to find food. Not only street animals but we are seeing a surge in cases where people are abandoning their pet dogs. People are just leaving them on roads to suffer in the high humidity and peak summer period with unbearable temperatures. Where will those poor creatures go and how will they survive without food and water? It is so disheartening to see people leaving their dogs like that after enjoying their company and support for years.

During the summer period, the cases of hair fall and mange issues are high. It is an easily curable disease and can be done on spot. But people are abandoning them instead of looking after them. Our volunteer Vivek has brought two such dogs after he found them on the streets and handed them over to the shelter for treatment and care. Our shelter is full of such pedigree abandoned dogs with no adopters even after fully cured. We can be sure of one thing though, Indian dogs stand the test of time. Adopt an Indian dog and feel the difference!

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