EMERGENCY APPEAL! To help animals survive the second wave of pandemic

EMERGENCY APPEAL! To help animals survive the second wave of pandemic

India has been hit by a huge second coronavirus wave and its effect has been devastating across all sections of society as well as across all life forms on our only planet earth. Millions of people have been infected, with record cases being reported every day, resulting in thousands of deaths. The health care system has broken down, and crematoriums are overflowing with bodies.

We have come to a situation where people are dying due to a lack of supply of oxygen, an invaluable life functioning asset this earth has provided us for free!

Today, millions of innocent animals in India are suffering more than anyone is noticing due to a human-made disaster.

Since the states enforce lockdowns and restrictions, the streets are deserted, making it impossible for street animals to find food. With shops and restaurants closed down the canines’ main source of sustenance – garbage scraps are gone. Without proper food and water, a large number of animals would suffer and die.

As much as we are stretching our resources to cater to the needs of as many animals as possible, it is getting really difficult for us to continue with all the restrictions, safety protocols, and funding limitations. Our one-stop dog feeding station already feeds more than 800 dogs every day. Now with the pandemic situation, we have to increase our production of food packets to feed as many animals as possible. But, this pandemic had made it very difficult for us to run this programme on such a large scale. Procuring raw materials from vendors on a regular basis, preparing food with our only cook with all the safety precautions, and distributing the food packets even in the covid affected, restricted areas exposing our staff members is not an easy job. It has put enormous mental and physical pressure on our cook Nagamani and other staff members who distribute the food packets. But they didn’t give up and are still working every day in these tough situations to do their part in helping as many animals as we can.

We urgently need funds to increase food packet production and distribute it to as many animals as possible. Consider donating to us to help us feed the greatest number of animals that we can at our current capacity. We will make certain that your contributions go well beyond the distribution of food packets and the reduction of the number of animals dying from hunger.

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