EMERGENCY APPEAL! Where will the street animals go if the humans disappear?

EMERGENCY APPEAL! Where will the street animals go if the humans disappear?

The actions of the national government and the local government authorities in regards to this pandemic have not been inclusive of the welfare of the animals. The sole priority of the restrictions, lockdowns, and other measures implemented have been human-centric completely neglecting the welfare and protection of animals.

It is disheartening to see so many animals being abandoned and left to suffer because of a human-made disaster even though we are the one’s that domesticated animals and brought them into our urban lives. 

What wrong did they do? Why should they suffer for the mistakes made by us humans?

We are witnessing a lot of cases where animals are being abandoned on the streets during this high humidity peak summertime including pedigree dogs, calves, cats, and buffaloes. Where will these poor creatures find food and water to survive? 

How can people leave their pets to suffer on the roads after enjoying their warmth, company, and support for years?

Our shelters are already at maximum capacity due to the intake of a large number of abandoned animals from the first wave of the pandemic. Our infrastructure and resources are under enormous pressure due to the increase in the number of emergency distress calls and cases of abandonments. There are even some cases where pet animals were being locked inside the house and left by the owners or the owners are in quarantine or isolation. How will the animal survive in such a case? We have handled so many such cases during the pandemic even exposing our staff members to the infections to make sure the animals are set free and provided with food.

A few pictures of the abandoned animals which VSPCA team rescued

Consider contributing to us to enable our staff members and volunteers to rescue more such abandoned and stuck animals and stop them from dying during this second wave of the pandemic.

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