EMERGENCY APPEAL! The COVID pandemic did not spare our animal warriors

EMERGENCY APPEAL! The COVID pandemic did not spare our animal warriors

As much as we wanted to help as many animals as possible in our capacity, our animal warriors are still humans and can catch this virus. Even though we are working round the clock attending emergency distress calls and distributing food packets, the exposure led to so many infections among our staff members. Once a staff member is affected he/she has to go into quarantine leading to a reduction in working staff members. 

So, the pandemic has decreased our daily workforce to almost half but the work has increased more than four times. 

We are very privileged, proud, and humbled by the dedication of our staff members at our shelters and also on the ground. They took the initiative to work more amid this pandemic with the sole goal of the welfare of animals. Our shelter staff was worried about who will take care of the more than 1300 animals if they don’t show up. So, the unaffected staff members chose to come to the shelters even the work doubled.

We also want to make a special mention about our dedicated volunteer team who are helping as many animals as possible by attending cases in areas where we cant reach in time.

We are supplying masks, vital medications, and paying for covid tests for the staff members as part of our small contribution to their invaluable service. We have also got some covid medication kits on hand, which the government had prescribed in case any new employees are affected.

More than 20 of our employees were affected due to covid and a few of them are in serious condition. We wish them a speedy recovery and hope they bounce back as soon as possible to do the work they love. Even our founder Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath is in isolation currently making it hard to coordinate and run different programmes on the ground.

Our staff members Ram Babu (left) and Rama Rao (right) who are currently battling hard to beat the covid in the hospital

Your contribution to VSPCA in these hard times will go long way in helping animals and prevent them from dying from hunger and helplessness. 

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