World Biodiversity Day – May 22

World Biodiversity Day – May 22

VSPCA wishes everyone a Regenerative Biodiversity Month!

To raise awareness and understanding of biodiversity problems, the United Nations has proclaimed May 22 as International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB).

Biodiversity is a characteristic of ecosystems; especially crucial to city ecosystems, enabling human flourishing via the provision of essential ecosystem services.  

VSPCA has initiated and succeeded in various biodiversity regeneration projects in Andhra Pradesh, India, over the years. The sea turtle conservation program and the migratory bird’s project are two examples of projects that have had a positive effect on biodiversity preservation along the Bay of Bengal’s coast.

In nature’s economy the currency is not money, it is life.

Vandana Shiva

Animal Welfare is about Human Welfare.

Pradeep Kumar Nath, President VSPCA – India

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Conservation

For 24 years, VSPCA has worked diligently protecting sea turtles, fighting all attempts that disrupt their habitat and nesting habits. With our fishing community partners, we are in a fight for these indicator species, against rapid urbanization, coastal development, pollution from garbage, sewage, oil, ore and light, and human-turtle conflict. Since the beginning of our program in 1996, we have safely sent approximately a million hatchlings from “emergency nestlings” to the ocean with 5 hatcheries covering 60km of the coastline. We have implemented community-based awareness and education programs in 24 fishing villages along the coast of Visakhapatnam to raise awareness and knowledge about the importance of olive ridley sea turtle habitat protection.

Migratory birds project

VSPCA spearheaded the formation of a joint committee, creating a cooperative relationship between the communities of the Telenelipuram district, police, and the Forest Department dedicated to protecting migratory birds from poachers and habitat destruction. We fought hard to stop the hunting of these birds by investigations, patrolling, awareness building among the nearby villages, and notifying the respective departments. Since 2000 we continued helping Asian openbill storks, painted storks, and 40 different kinds of Indian species birds in telikunchi and telineelapuram of the Srikakulam district.

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