The Curfews bring in more challenges to the street animals!

The Curfews bring in more challenges to the street animals!

The lockdown or the curfew due to the deadly second wave of the corona pandemic did not deter us from feeding the street dogs. The street animals need our help now more than ever as they are facing an extremely tough situation to survive during these hard times. We are determined to help as many animals as we can stretching our capacity to the maximum.

We have currently 16 dog feeding stations spread across the city operating at various times throughout the day, from 5 AM – 10 AM and 3 AM – 6:30 PM. We need to increase our food packet distribution at each of the 16 feeding stations because the lockdown made it incredibly difficult for street animals to locate food. Even though the government has granted clearance to open businesses until 12 p.m., not all merchants are ready to take the risk of exposing themselves to corona, especially given the large crowds that will be present during that time. So, the situation for street animals has not been improved at all and is neither being addressed by the local government authorities.

The images shown below are station No.2 and also the headquarters of VSPCA. The dogs, cats, birds, sparrows, and even rats all have their specific feeding area where they also relax and leave to their destinations. Our vision is for each feeding station to be equipped with basic amenities such as food and water bowls, ensuring that street animals have access to their basic right to food and water. To accomplish this, we will need dedicated volunteers from across the city.

In the images, you see the dogs resting in front of our HQ after having their meal. You can also observe the cat and dogs eating and resting at the same place.

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