World Environment Day – June 5

World Environment Day – June 5

World Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5 June and is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment.

At VSPCA we look at World Environment Day as the liberty of all species and allowing all kinds of indigenously growing plants and trees. One such Big Heart Effort!

We stand out in putting down in letter and spirit that VSPCA has been very strongly involved in ultimately pushing the Government — AP Forest Department across the beaches of Andhra Pradesh to mandatorily go for the protection and super conservation of the endangered sea turtles. Having a wetland coastline of 1140.7 km and very rich in biodiversity the VSPCA began humble beginnings of protecting the sea turtles not because she was endangered but whenever she was in distress we were there to help. And this kind of protection had gone onto become one of the most successful efforts ever.

Since 1996 and until 2020 VSPCA has dealt through thick and thin in sincerely energizing all methods to channelize the direction and focussing on protecting these innocent species who were once being used for consumption, babies used for soups, and the top shells used for carrying purposes. Including the weapon of awareness and education we brought the map of sea turtle protection onto the national level and urged the AP Govt. to begin in all of the districts that had this coastline. Much ground needs to be covered.

We are in the 25th year and we have consciously taken a decision like many other successful projects to handover the 60 km stretch to the department keeping a close look while we move to the remaining stretch of 70 km for further protection and consolidation and our effort to complete the 192 km of our District coastline.

We are happy to say that sea turtle is a household name in our area and that the AP Forest Department finally decides that something like sea turtles come to our coast and then lends help and assistance under their scheme and Corporates like NTPC coming forward. This all could happen with the dedication of our TEAM and support from all our friends across the world as — Phil Wollen, NetAP – Network for Animal Protection, Greater Good organization, B1G1, Priya Tallam, and many others whose good wishes and support have poured in to help in this effective process of immense value to the Ocean Biodiversity and to the Environment.

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