Rambabu – The Utility Man

Rambabu – The Utility Man

The pandemic did not spare our animal warriors and had a toll on our staff members. We want to share with you all about one of our dedicated staff member who has been with us for over 20 years  – Mr. Rambabu

Rambabu is over 60 years old and handicapped by polio. He particularly looks after the “special needs dogs section” in our main shelter where the blind, paraplegia, severely permanent wounded dogs, and lifetime critical care dogs are present. He has the ability to connect with such innocent animals with immense patience, passion, and love all day long and he is also fearless to attend any type of emergency calls to help and save the animal. He looks after each of them as his own child and takes care of them with utmost care and protection looking after their daily needs. He has been doing this selfless work that he loves for over 20 years. 

One day he came to the shelter with a 105-degree Celcius fever to attend and take care of his friends. We were shocked to see his body temperature that high, and as per covid protocols we sent him back to his home to rest as soon as we checked the temperature at the gate. We provided the necessary medication on the advice of the doctor and is currently battling hard to beat the covid virus.

During this pandemic, our shelters have several unsung heroes working hard, risking their lives many times to be with our 1300 animals in the shelter, caring for their needs, and attending to spay and emergency rescues.

He is currently sponsored by one of our partners NetAP (Network for Animal Protection), Switzerland. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for recognizing and helping such dedicated animal warriors.

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