VSPCA is 25 years old and so is Pothu Raju!

VSPCA is 25 years old and so is Pothu Raju!

Pothu Raju was rescued as a male buffalo calf while he was on his way to a nearby illegal slaughterhouse in Arivola, Visakhapatnam. The VSPCA team had just completed their spay-neuter programme operations for the day and were reviewing their temporary shelter plans while returning to their homes. They suddenly saw a calf being dragged down to a slaughterhouse, the team reacted immediately by stopping the slaughter and rescuing the calf, which was Pothu Raju. The year was 1996 and the VSPCA team had just moved to Arivola temporarily.

Pothu Raju was just months old and was unproductive for his greedy owner. So, the owner was dragging it to an illegal slaughterhouse for the money which was completely an actionable crime as per the law. Officially it was the first rescue of VSPCA though before registering it as an organization, the team helped countless animals over two decades and carried out their work from makeshift shelters. 

We are very happy to see Pothu Raju is still happy, healthy, and majestic as he was always been with his famous horns.

There are many such stories of animals who have lived their full life and those who are currently living happily at our shelters. We will share those stories with you all soon. 

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