Lifetime care facility for the cattle

Lifetime care facility for the cattle

Our kindness farm largely caters to the lifetime care of the cattle rescued from the illegal transportation or slaughtering from the shanties or while being transported. As our main shelter was overcrowded we moved some of the rescued cattle to the kindness farm to clear some space for emergency animals in the main shelter. The cattle at both the main shelter and kindness farm are provided with food, water, and medicinal needs for their entire lifetime. We are happy to see so many cattle have lived their full life happily at our shelters while growing with us for the past 20-25 years.

At present, due to the pandemic situation, we are relying on police support as well with a due FIR filed before we bring in any cattle from illegal transportation or slaughtering to the shelter. But for the injured and sick ones, we are still attending emergency calls even in the containment zones within our capacity of resources.

Your support to us through donations will enable us to rescue more cattle and cater to their needs for their lifetime in our shelters.

To support our organization, please 

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