Rama Rao- One-man band!

Rama Rao- One-man band!

Twenty-one years ago, in the year 2000, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath, the founder of VSPCA was choosing Shelter 1 among five properties.  While making rounds on these venues, he came across a young boy with his parents living on one of the properties. They were nomadic. 

Mr. Nath, wanting to help them in any way that he could, took them in under his wing. The parents took an interest in planting trees and began looking after the property. The boy, Rama Rao, who was just in his late teens, started working with Pradeep. He took a keen interest in animal care and sought to train further to improve his skills. Therefore, he went into animal husbandry and trained there as a para vet. Ever since Rama Rao has been with VSPCA as a para vet!  His father, just like Rama Rao, started taking a huge interest in taking care and providing for the animals as well. Currently, Rama Rao’s father works at Kindness Farm.

Rama Rao also enjoys driving two-wheelers and four-wheelers. To combine his two passions, driving and animal welfare, you will often find him with our medical team rescuing injured animals. He will also accompany our feeding team to help deliver food across the city to all street animals, where VSPCA has created several feeding stations. 

During the first lockdown imposed by the government, Rama Rao, unfortunately, got infected with the Covid-19 virus. We are happy to inform you that he has recovered fully, and is back in action at Shelter 1.  He is married and has two kids whom he adores!

Rama Rao has a vast amount of experience and manages everything as required at VSPCA. He is very good with all species of animals and handles snakes, domesticated animals, and wild animals rather effectively.   He is the person Mr. Nath calls on, if Ms. Sarada – the Shelter Manager, and Mr. Rajshekhar – the Manager at Kindness Farm, are out for the day.  He also helps Ms. Sarada run our outpatient clinic.  In Mr. Nath’s own words, he is a “one-man-band”. 

At VSPCA, we are fortunate to have dedicated, trustworthy, and hardworking people with us to help take care of the animals as well as the environment. 

We are deeply grateful to Rama Rao for his dedicated service at VSPCA! 

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