Abandoning pets is NEVER the answer!

Abandoning pets is NEVER the answer!

Pomeranians or poms live up to their name; they are very cute and fluffy and are extremely popular as pets. They are bred in horrible conditions at abhorrent puppy mills or by breeders and are purchased at extremely high prices either as gifts or as personal pets.  Animals are NOT commodities.  They feel suffering and pain and have deep emotions.  Pomeranians unfortunately, due to their fur, are not suited for the coastal weather of Visakhapatnam. Hence, within weeks or months of bringing them home, most people cannot keep up with their grooming and hygiene needs and end up abandoning these poor pups. Out on the streets, they suffer a lot and are left to scrounge for scraps of food and try to survive.  Additionally, the street dogs are usually in tightly knit groups and it can be tough for an outsider to infiltrate. So more often than not, these pedigreed breeds cannot survive the harsh streets of India. 

Often, pedigreed dogs are not vaccinated for viral diseases such as rabies, canine parvovirus (commonly known as parvo), or canine distemper. This poses a serious threat to the other street dogs who are spayed and given anti-rabies vaccination shots, because of VSPCA! In some areas, we have to re-vaccinate the dog populations because of the abandoned Pomeranians. 

At VSPCA, we try to rescue as many as we can, even with our limited space, funds, and resources. We cannot turn a blind eye to any animal in distress who needs our help.  We ensure that their vaccinations are up-to-date, medical treatment is given if needed, and they are properly groomed.

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