Junior para vet at VSPCA-Jagdeesh!

Junior para vet at VSPCA-Jagdeesh!

Jagdeesh has been with VSPCA for the last 11 years. He is our second paravet, working closely with senior paravet Rama Rao and assisting Sarada, VSPCA’s Shelter Manager. At VSPCA, Jagadeesh is responsible for the care and treatment of small animals at our shelter and farm; however, he is on-call and takes charge whenever Rama Rao is attending to other emergencies. Similar to Rama Rao, Jagdeesh earned his qualifications as a paravet from the Animal Husbandry Department with several related diplomas. 

In addition to all his responsibilities, which include caring for the animals, he prepares daily reports on various subjects related to the different animal species at the shelter.   Additionally,  he procures essential material needed by the shelter animals (these may include special feed, specific medicines, equipment, or accessories requested by shelter vets or Sarada). As a responsible member of our veterinary team, he attends to emergency calls and has the role of coordinating highly critical cases. 

Every day through their actions, staff members like Jagadeesh teach us what the natural world implies for humankind.  They illustrate for us that we are co-members of this natural world, having mistakenly placed ourselves on top of the species’ family tree, without having much clarity of our role in the whole ecosystem. Each staff member brings their profound thinking about animal cultures to us.   

Everyone at VSPCA is grateful for Jagdeesh’s dedication, focus, and rigor. We wish him only the best in his career and his personal life.  

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