Cows are worth more than the price society places on them!

Cows are worth more than the price society places on them!

For a majority of the population in India, the cow is considered a sacred animal. Often, we see on daily news channels, people worshipping cows and showering them with their love and respect. However, this is not always the case as there exists an underbelly to this phenomenon that has a sinister feel to it.  At VSPCA, we have rescued and medically cared for tens of hundreds of abandoned and injured cows. More often than not, the owner utilizes the animal to the fullest, and, when no longer useful, the spent animals are tossed aside for slaughter. 

Recently, we rescued a blind cow that was abandoned by its owner. The poor animal was severely injured in the hips region, legs, and thighs. However, with immediate medical care by our skilled and empathetic medical team, the cow is well on its way to recovery. Being blind, he is kept in a secluded area, away from other cows residing at VSPCA. 

At VSPCA, all our large animals reside at the Cow Sanctuary, which spans across 2.4 acres of land and is dedicated to cows, bulls, and water buffaloes. Over here, they can roam around freely, have access to clean water and food, as well as two trained vets, are present in case of any medical needs. 

We at VSPCA believe that cows are worth much more than their milk,  meat, leather, and labor.  We do not and can not, put a price on their value to the world.  Letting our rescued cattle live peacefully, we only utilize their dung and urine as a means of fertilizer and fuel for the people of the region where our shelters are situated. Our bio-gas plant holds 85 cubic meters of dung, where a minimum of 200 cows’ fresh dung is needed to run it!  We use our own shelter-and-farm-produced bio-gas for our daily cooking and electricity needs.  

Additionally, cow urine produces the finest ground cleaner when combined with pine oil, which is healthy for all humans which is based on the best practices of Ayurvedic tradition.  We have a ground cleaner production unit at our Kindness Farm.  Soon we intend to produce 40 liters of ground cleaner each day for household cleaning.  Beyond this, our cow-based fertilizers help us produce authentically healthy, organic crops, fruits, and vegetables in the region of Koruvada.  When one scans the horizon from Kindness Farm, where our biogas plant sits, one observes a marked difference in the freshness and green colour of our crops when compared to orchards and/or croplands of the surrounding farms. Farmers from all over the region, starting from Chodavaram to Narsipatnam, come to Kindness Farm to learn about biogas fertilizer, ground-cleaner, and vermicompost production.

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