Ms. Sridevi-Protector of all bovines!

Ms. Sridevi-Protector of all bovines!

Ms. Sridevi is the epitome of being courageous. Every day, she travels to dangerous places that are brimming to the top with abhorrent animal cruelty, fighting hard to bring about positive changes for animal welfare. She fights every day to rescue innocent cattle from the clutches of cruel owners, traders, illegal transportation, cattle mafia, and slaughterhouses. Sridevi also works tirelessly to save the male cows who are just discarded from the Simhachalam temple. 

Every single day her life gets threatened by those trying to take part in illegal practices. But, this has made her more resolute in saving these poor cows. Sridevi speaks for animal sentience; fights for their basic living rights such as access to clean water, nutritious food, and shelter as they are extremely dehydrated and malnourished; educate people about the laws that relate to the treatment of animals and prosecution if they fail to comply with these laws. She is unwavering in her fight against all forms of exploitation of these cattle. She successfully coordinates with VSPCA shelters to transport these abused cattle to safety where they are provided with medical care, food, water, and shelter. 

Sridevi worked very closely with VSPCA’s founder Mr. Nath on different strategies and tactics on how to rescue more animals. 

Thanks to her help and courage, the discarding of male calves has dropped from 16,000 to less than 4000 in the Simhachalam temple. We still have a long way to go but it is a huge step forward from where we started. 

We are grateful to Ms. Sridevi for her compassion and determination in rescuing these animals and giving them a better life, away from their cruel owners. 

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