Virendra, Vizag ka Sultan!

Virendra, Vizag ka Sultan!

Virendra, or Viru, as he is lovingly called by everyone, joined VSPCA as a Project Coordinator when he was merely a 21 year old. Despite his difficulty in speaking or understanding the English language, and not yet having attained a degree, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath recruited him solely on the basis of his intuitive computer skills and knowledge. At the time, he was also working towards completing his degree. 

Viru helps Mr. Nath with many clerical tasks in the office. Some of his duties include computer work, managing donation boxes, ensuring that the dog feeding station duties are working smoothly, and compiling reports and spreadsheets. He runs a variety of errands for Mr. Nath. He is a natural with the animals, and can easily put scared animals at ease by holding them on his lap. 

He also helps with delivering food packets to the poor communities and their animal companions. He has done a lot of deliveries for the Vegan Meals for the Poor Project for the unhoused people in Visakhapatnam.   He also has the responsibility of helping with arrangements needed when special guests, partners, and visitors come to the shelters. His hidden talent is photography. He has a real sense of capturing great pictures of the turtles and their babies.

Viru has been with us for almost 12 years and is the senior-most in the office. He is an all-rounder team player and we only wish the best for him. Everyone at VSCPA is truly grateful for Viru and his versatility. 

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3 thoughts on “Virendra, Vizag ka Sultan!”

  1. J m bharat kiran gautam says:

    Viru congratulations
    All the best
    Great to hear about u like this
    U r a rare n precious Diamond
    Continue u r passion

  2. L suresh babu says:

    Hi brother.. congratulations…all the best.. good luck to achieve ur Targets… your well wisher ur brother

  3. Md Ahmed says:

    Animals are best friends and your very close them as they don’t expect in return for there love they always share love, faithfulness,loyality,alligance, sincerity,and unconditional love.
    So as your pure hearted person that’s why success follows you…

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