Cats can make for wonderful companions!

Cats can make for wonderful companions!

Somersault, pictured below, came to us when she was just a tiny kitten. We found her hiding behind a dustbin, bruised and battered. Our shelter managers, Ms. Sarada and Mr. Rajshekhar, along with the rest of the staff took all necessary medical precautions and nursed this little one back to health. At the time, she was in such a bad shape and needed delicate care, from a special diet to dressing her wounds. All their hard work paid off, as she survived and grew into a very sweet and loving cat. Currently, she resides at our shelter in our Special Cat House. We are very grateful and blessed to know that she feels at home and happy at the shelter and is comfortable. She no longer has to worry about being out in the streets. 

At VSPCA, we have a couple of significant projects catering to the welfare of cats. Kassiopeia Cat House is a sophisticated facility, often surpassing standards in most western nations.  However, our biggest project is the Animal Birth Control Project for cats. We have a fully operating and air-conditioned cat operating room where our vets carry out spays and neuter surgeries on cats. This helps maintain the historical population of street cats keeping the balance in the ecosystems (rats, rodents, insects, reptiles, etc), prevents aggressive and violent fights between male cats, and reduces the number of newborn kittens thrown aside by humans. We want to take this opportunity as well to thank the late Ms. Olive Walker for her kindness and support in making our dreams a reality of having a fully functioning cat operating theatre. 

Another project that VSPCA has for cats is the Cat Protection Programme (CPP). This is in collaboration with NetAP. It is a wonderful programme that aims to bring awareness to the social taboo that cats face. Many people, across India and around the world, see cats as pests and not as the loving animals they are. Many people see cats as bad omens and want to get rid of them forever. To help people understand that these are just false claims and myths, we have partnered with NetAP to bring awareness by distributing flyers and educating local communities about cats. 

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