Meet Our Impactful Animal Birth Control Team!

Meet Our Impactful Animal Birth Control Team!

VSPCA, under the leadership of our founder, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath, has been extremely successful in pioneering the Animal Birth Control (ABC) Project. In 1998, we were successful in winning the historic court case against the Visakhapatnam Municipality to stop the brutal killing of street dogs;  and instead, implement the more humane, Animal Birth Control Project. This project is not only for the welfare of dogs but also, and more importantly for human residents of the city

VSPCA’s ABC Project takes place no matter the circumstances, rain or shine, pandemic or calm, and under many other adverse circumstances.  It has prevailed and so has the health of every resident in the city, who encounters these beautiful, healthy, and spay-neutered street dogs.  

Since its inception, we have covered over a 400-kilometer diameter with a substantial street dog population of any city.  To date, we have conducted spay-neuters to over 1,70,000 dogs as well as been successful in vaccinating 1,60,000 street dogs for rabies.  We have expanded our efforts into neighboring Vizianagaram District, where such a program was unheard of, and where cruelty to these animals was unabating.   Due to VSPCA’s long-term strategic planning and effective tactics, through the persistence of this public-health-related project, we are pleased to announce that we have achieved  ZERO RABIES status in the city for over 12 YEARS since the program’s inception. 

Our successes would not be possible without the support of our hardworking, dedicated, and empathetic team. 

L to R: Appala Suri, Appa Rao, Narayanamma, Appalanarsamma, Satyavathi, Mahalakshmi, Kondamma

The above team undertakes the most important job in the ABC program which is to look after the dogs’ basic needs after their surgeries, and until they are released. This includes cleaning the kennels, comforting the dogs, assisting the vet and paravets in providing post-operative care and good nutritious food.

L to R: Chinna Rao (Dog Catcher), Rama Rao (Para Vet), B. Sarada (Shelter Manager), Dr. Rajeshwar (Shelter Vet), Jagdeesh (Para Vet), Darga (Dog Catcher), Sanni Babu (Dog Catcher)
Srinivas (Driver for ABC)
Panda (Dog catcher)
Rajshekhar (Shelter manager)
Shankar (Driver for ABC)

We are extremely grateful to our ABC team for dedicating so much of their time and efforts to helping all street dogs in our communities, paying attention to their wellbeing, as well as making our communities more harmonious by reducing dog-human conflicts. 

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