Kassiopea Cat House at VSPCA!

Kassiopea Cat House at VSPCA!

The Kassiopea Cat House is a fully functional establishment located on Kindness Farm. It is by our partners Network for Animal Protection, Switzerland or NetAP. All the cats that reside at Kassiopea Cat House have been rescued from terrible conditions, and are unable to be let back into the wild. 

In India, cats are regularly hunted and killed by “cat-hunters”, snakes, dogs and monkeys. Hence, in collaboration with NetAP, we have set up the Cat Protection Program. The goal of this program is to improve the living conditions of cats across the city as well as across the state. As part of the CPP, we provide spay-neuter operations on street cats, and release them back into the wild. Those who will not be able to survive the streets are kept in the Kassiopea Cat House where they are given lots of nutritious food, medical attention, love, care and cuddles! 

Through the CPP, we hope to create awareness among local communities, perform spay-neuters, rescue, attend to emergency situations, and lodge official complaints to those partaking in illegal activities such as killing cats for meat. 

We are grateful to Ms. Esther Geisser and NetAP for establishing and sponsoring this wonderful Cat House and the CPP at our Kindness Farm. 

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