Gangadhar Rao- Supervisor of Kindness Farm!

Gangadhar Rao- Supervisor of Kindness Farm!

In 2000, when VSPCA was just five years old, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath, our founder, was choosing Shelter 1 among five properties. While surveilling these venues, he came across a nomadic family of three. Mr. Nath, wanting to support them in any way he can, employed all of them to work with VSPCA. Both the parents took an interest in planting trees and began looking after the property. 

The father, Gangadhar Rao, has been with VSPCA for over two decades, working alongside Mr. Nath and the rest of the VSPCA team. Mr. Rao is now 70 years old and he is the supervisor of Kindness Farm. He overlooks all the work that happens in Kindness Farm and takes over from Mr. Rajshekhar whenever he is tending to other matters. 

Mr. Rao is extremely faithful and highly dedicated to his work. He is committed to making sure that everything runs smoothly in Kindness Farm. His son, Rama Rao is a para vet and in Mr. Nath’s words, he is a “one-man-band”. 

We are grateful to Mr. Rao and his entire family for silently supporting and dedicating their lives to the well-being of VSPCA. 

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