Severely injured dog on its way to recovery!

Severely injured dog on its way to recovery!

At VSPCA, we see many different animals with various injuries, ranging from mild to severe, so much so, that our empathetic team of doctors and volunteers have to be extremely thick-skinned and strong-willed to take care of severe cases. One such case was this poor pup pictured above.

When we found this dog, he was in a pitiable and gory condition, and we did not want to post such graphic pictures. However, our brilliant medical team worked very hard and consistently treated his injuries over several months. He is now on the path to recovering well, with the help of our team and volunteers. They look after dressing his injuries, give him medicines, feed him good nutritious food, and give him all the cuddles! 

From our experience with such cases, we assume that he was abandoned by his previous owners, possibly met with an accident while living on the streets, and was attacked by other dogs in the locality. 

He is extremely friendly and greets everyone with an enthusiastic wag of his tail! Here is hoping for his speedy and complete recovery.

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