Meet Rowdy!

Meet Rowdy!

At VSPCA, we have noticed that every animal on the street has unique characteristics that are distinct from the other street animals. 

Rowdy, pictured above, has really interesting characteristics. He is not at all fond of the fake Sadhus and astrologers and is keen on keeping them at a distance. However, he loves to race different vehicles, be it a cycle, a scooter, or a car. He is not chasing them – but running alongside in joy.  He is the cutest ride-along partner anyone can ask for! Many neighbourhood residents know of his traits.  

Rowdy is part of our Animal Birth Control programme. In our last post, we mentioned how an incorrect release of a dog by the Municipality in an unfamiliar location, can cause chaos among other dogs in that locality and disturbance to the residents.

Unfortunately, Rowdy too was released into the wrong neighbourhood by the Municipality after his neuter surgery. We rescued him and he has been with VSPCA  ever since.  We don’t know where the Municipality picked him up from. We can only imagine that he misses his neighbourhood and friends but seems to be adjusting well in his new neighbourhood. 

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