United at Last!

United at Last!

Pigs are very intelligent animals. According to a review published in 2015 in the International Journal of Comparative Psychology, pigs are “cognitively complex,” sharing traits with animals typically considered to be highly intelligent. The review analysed findings from several studies, suggesting that pigs could remember objects, perceive time, and use learned information to navigate their environment. Pigs are very playful with a wide range of play behaviours which is another indication of intelligence in animals, the researchers reported. Playing is an essential part of their development. They are highly social animals and love to spend time with each other and with humans forming lifelong bonds with their caretakers, kith and kin. So, you can imagine this mother’s distress when her three babies got stuck and were unable to wriggle themselves out. 

The mother was desperately trying to save her babies by signalling to passersby that she needed help rescuing her babies. Our team got the rescue call and made their way quickly to assess the situation and help the three piglets who were stuck. Mother pigs are very possessive of their offspring but this one graciously allowed our team to help her babies. 

Our team was successful in pulling the babies out, giving them first aid and treating visible injuries. Once they ensured that all three babies are okay, they let them get back to their anxious mother who immediately lay down so that her babies could nurse. 

At VSPCA, we do our best to answer every rescue call that comes our way for any animal in distress to the best of our capacity.

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