Gifts from NetAP!

Gifts from NetAP!

Our cats who reside at our shelters have been gifted special toys from our partners at NetAP, The Network for Animal Protection. The team at NetAP works with us, supporting our various projects in animal welfare. 

In various cities across India, cats are regularly hunted and killed. Hence, we set up the Cat Protection Program (CPP) in collaboration with NetAP. Under this programme, we are working to build more homes for cats who cannot go back to feral living for various reasons. At VSPCA, we have built an exclusive cat home called Kassiopea Cat House and it is located in VSPCA’s Kindness Farm in Kuruvada in Visakhapatnam. We collaborate with NetAP on the provision of shelter, food, medicines, and water to these cats. All the cats who reside at Kassiopea Cat House have been rescued from terrible conditions, and are unable to be let back into the wild. 

Under CPP, we provide spay and neuter surgeries to these cats. We release the ones who can live on their own and keep the severely injured and disabled cats at Kassiopea Cat House. 

We thank our partners at NetAP for helping us rescue these cats and give them a better life! 

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