Rescued Baby Chick from Roadside!

Rescued Baby Chick from Roadside!

In many cities across India, including ours, there are many people who sell baby chicks for less than Rs. 10. They will often paint them in different colours so as to attract more customers. These paints are toxic to the birds and affect their physiology and immune systems. The chicks are offered in different colours to anyone who wants one either as a decoration, or a toy; basically,  a disposable item when done with the festivity or use of the little bird. As a result of being subjected to this horrible treatment, many of these chicks do not survive

During one of our Dog Feeding rounds, we noticed a man walking around selling chicks painted in bright pink and red colours. We immediately confronted him and rescued the chicks from this cruel plight. 

Since rescuing these chicks, one was adopted by a friendly and caring family and is now well looked after. This chick has access to food and water, but also good veterinary care through VSPCA! 

Some fun facts about chicks and hens:

  1. Hens exhibit social behaviour and research has shown that they live in complex social structures in which everyone has their own place in the community. 
  2. Hens make friends with each other and can differentiate between members of their community. 
  3. Hens can dream.
  4. Hens have a strong protective instinct. 
  5. Hens communicate with each other. 
  6. Much like crows, hens have a very strong memory and cognitive abilities.
  7. Hens feel fear and pain like humans do.  
  8. Hens love keeping themselves clean with dust baths.  When rescued from cruel chicken slaughter, the first thing they do is run into our yard to take a dust bath and get the lice off their bodies.  All animals have their unique ways of keeping themselves clean. 

Each hen and chick have individualistic characteristics that give them unique personalities, and they are not commodities in our profit-oriented capitalistic system. They are abhorrently bred in the billions for people to slaughter them for their meat. 

This little chick is currently happily living with its caretakers, Priya and her grandmother. It never has to worry about going back to living in despicable conditions ever again. We hope that it leads a very happy and long life! 

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One thought on “Rescued Baby Chick from Roadside!”

  1. Priya says:

    Thank you Shreshta. This is so nicely done with a loving appeal to it.
    I hope many click and come here to support VSPCA. From here alone, with such compassion only, can residents works collaboratively toward species and habitat conservation.

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