Rains- A Friend To Some and a Foe To Others

Rains- A Friend To Some and a Foe To Others

Over the past week, there have been heavy rains in Andhra Pradesh causing floods all across the state. The coastline of Andhra Pradesh spans 975 kilometres and is situated along the Bay of Bengal. A point to note is during heavy rains and floods, human beings are able to protect themselves by standing under a shelter or climbing up on a physical structure that will protect them. But, stray animals are unable to do the same. 

One of the biggest problems that stray animals face during the monsoon season is the absence of a permanent shelter or roof under which they can shelter themselves from the rains. The founder of VSPCA, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath and his staff took note of this issue and have constructed 17 makeshift shelters and two main shelters throughout old town Visakhapatnam.  Senior or disabled animals residing in our shelters are shifted to higher ground by our staff, where they can stay safe and dry

In India, rains are crucial to farmers and are the main source of water for urban regions when they fill up lakes, dams, and reservoirs. Rains help regulate the microclimate/temperatures in different regions of the state. However, when it rains continuously for days, it affects the street animals whose only source of food is food that they forage from the roadside. For this reason, our team ensures a consistent supply of food for these poor street animals in a reliable and safe manner. Our dog feeding initiatives fall under our Dog Protection Programme which is being jointly funded by NetAP, the Network for Animal Protection. 

VSPCA is working with volunteers at the ground level, caretakers, feeders, and animal enthusiasts who are on a mission to help every street animal in need and to keep them happy and safe. 

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