Incredible Before and After Transformation After Rescue!

Incredible Before and After Transformation After Rescue!

In our previous articles, we talked about our cooperation with our partner, NetAP, Network for Animal Protection. With their support and understanding, we work towards the welfare of street dogs. One of the projects under this programme is the rescue and rehabilitation of injured dogs. 

Many dogs are born left to the elements of nature and at the behest of human mercy. Even among pedigreed or bred dogs, not all of them are born to a happy family who can take care of their needs and provide it a  lifetime of care and love. Our street dogs often can go for days without food, water, and shelter. They experience significant abuse and violence by humans and even other dogs in the localities. One of the dogs that we rescued under this programme is Milky. 

Milky is from the Uppada area of Visakhapatnam and he got boiling oil thrown at him that injured his back severely. After our team on the ground was informed about this tragic incident, they rushed to get him and immediate action was taken to treat his wound. Our experienced and empathetic team treated him as quickly as possible, and effectively. Today, Milky has access to nourishing food, water, and shelter. With our team’s love and care, Milky has recovered and has quickly adapted to living in our shelter. We will never know how much emotional and mental damage he has endured, but we are hopeful that the remainder of his life will be full of love and care, and will help those horrible memories fade away. 

After rescuing him, our team went back to investigate who perpetrated such a heinous act of throwing boiling oil on an innocent animal’s back, but, so far, we have not been able to find them. We have raised awareness of the matter among many animal lovers across the city, and continue to actively monitor localities for such incidents. 

Even though he was abused and severely injured, Milky has a bright personality! He greets everyone with a wag of his tail and a big smile. 

We urge everyone to help street animals in whatever way possible and help VSPCA as we work toward peace, public health, safety, and the welfare of all individuals in the city. 

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