The Value of a Comprehensive ABC Programme!

The Value of a Comprehensive ABC Programme!

A few weeks ago, our empathetic team rescued Mummy where she, unfortunately, got in the middle of a canine territorial attack in the Reading Room area of Town Kotha Road. 

Territorial disputes arise due to the introduction of new dogs (at least six dogs per day are mistakenly released by the municipality. During one such territorial fight, Mummy was severely injured from attacks on her face which left her with severe wounds under her eyes. 

When notified, our VSPCA team acted promptly to rescue Mummy and transport her to the shelter for treatment and care by our talented medical team. After ensuring that all her injuries have healed properly and there is no risk of her getting an infection, she was returned to the same location. With the help of our volunteers and skilled staff, we periodically check in on her and strive to provide her with the best care. 

At VSPCA, we often see such territorial aggression between dogs and life-threatening injuries as a result. It has been shown that dogs carry the ‘territoriality’ from their wolf ancestors and cannot tolerate newcomers into their perceived and marked territory. This incidence demonstrates the importance of methodological animal birth control for street dogs where dogs must be released at the same location after spay or neuter surgery and healing. This will ensure a more peaceful community and a significant decrease in such attacks.

Like humans, who take time to acclimate to a new neighbourhood and its people, so also with city dogs, change is traumatic and most animals avoid relocating to new areas unless circumstances require it. Therefore, such behaviours from dogs are entirely normal when transported to a new place and unable to acclimate to it, thus resulting in canine conflicts.

Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath, the founder of VSPCA, takes great pride in VSPCA’s well-established and successful ABC Programme for dogs. Our team ensures that a dog is released back into the same neighbourhood it was picked up from after a spay or neuter surgery. Importantly, we also provide rabies shots to all the street dogs after the spay/neuter procedure. This is an important statistic: our area has been safe for over 12 years with no human rabies deaths. This speaks to the public health and safety measure for which VSPCA has assumed full responsibility. It also leads to more, harmonious cohabitation between the city’s residents and the street dogs. 

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