Mr. Rambabu- Our Animal Warrior!

Mr. Rambabu- Our Animal Warrior!

A few weeks ago, we shared an article on Mr. Raju who has become a part of VSPCA’s animal caregivers. Just like him, Mr. Rambabu is also one such animal caregiver. Rambabu, or as the rest of the VSPCA team lovingly call him Ramu, has been with us for over 14 years. He earns a meagre income by being a rag picker working day and night in the Kapulluppada Dumping Yard. This should not be a life that should be tolerated in our communities. 

At VSPCA, we consider rag pickers as important frontline workers in our work with animals. There is a connection we have made. Dumping yards consist of dead animals tossed there either by the municipality or neighbourhood residents, without a  proper burial. Additionally, the living dead roam these dumping yards in search of food. Dumping grounds in India are a haven for illegal activities. Therefore, we applaud our warrior Ramu for doing the much-needed yet thankless job, which in turn helps the animals as well. 

At VSPCA, we always work towards helping those who are either shunned away from society, live below the poverty line, or are part of a minority group. We try to empower these communities by employing them, educating them about animal welfare and the ecosystem, and learning from them. Ramu chose to come work with us and he has a special bond with the cats that reside at VSPCA. You will often find him hard at work with our cats. He is also an integral part of our rescue team and helps injured or distressed animals and helps takes care of them and nurtures them back to health. 

Thank you, Ramu for all your hard work, kindness, and support! 

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