A Joint Effort to Help Raja Babu!

A Joint Effort to Help Raja Babu!

Like most farm animals, male donkeys are used only for breeding purposes and once this role is fulfilled, they are abandoned and left to die. This would have been Raja Babu’s fate. He was abandoned by the tribal community who wanted him for breeding female donkeys,  as donkey milk is gaining popularity and being sold for Rs. 1200 per litre in the city. The cultural belief is that donkey milk is beneficial for health, especially asthma. 

Unfortunately, now that Raja Babu is spent and old, the tribal community has left him on the roads to fend for himself. Since he has lived and served humans, Raja Babu cannot survive the harsh life on the streets of Visakhapatnam. A kind lady from the Midhulapuri colony found him and informed VSPCA about his predicament. When our team reached his location, they found his condition to be pretty bad and he was deteriorating fast. VSPCA vets and paravets provided him with necessary medical treatment, but the lady who reported him got emotionally attached to him.  She has volunteered to take care of him, provided VSPCA can support her with his needed medical treatments. 

Currently, Raja Babu is liberated and has constant access to food and water. Thank you to our many dedicated volunteers for helping us take care of abandoned and injured animals!

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