Inviting Native Butterflies Back into Our Ecosystem!

Inviting Native Butterflies Back into Our Ecosystem!

At VSPCA, in our quest to support our ecosystem ecology (relationships between all species here) and prevent biodiversity losses, we have focused specific efforts on inviting pollinators to return to this region, such as honeybees, dragonflies, butterflies (and their families in caterpillars, larvae, pupa), which disappeared from our communities over the past two decades. Additionally, rapid habitat loss and industrialization, have also caused the disappearance of several species of frogs, toads, sparrows, and crows.

The Dolphin Nature Conservation Society (DNCS) recorded a total of 125 different species of butterflies, of which 43 were reported for the first time in Vizag. In a paper by Kumari et al. (2003), 105 honeybee species were recorded at the Andhra University and Vizag Steel Plant sites in 2021. All these little creatures play important roles as seed dispensers, pollinators, and earth renewers.

VSPCA’s founder, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath, wanted to address the losses of pollinators, seed dispensers and other important insects in this region.  Via VSPCA’s actions, he seeks to bring awareness to this issue and provide a conducive habitat for these insects, birds, and amphibians here. VSPCA does its research to ensure that these spaces (parks, sanctuaries, greenhouses, animal enclosures like our Dog Park, and all humane gardens) have everything that these species need to thrive.

We take pride to inform you that at Kindness Farm, Shelter One, and even at VSPCA’s Main Office, we have planted many native trees and plants to create environments that are attractive to all types of birds and insects. Our facilities buzz, hum, and chitter with activity! And, our agroforestry efforts are encouraging large, wild mammals such as primates (again seed dispensers) to come to Kindness Farm.

At Kindness Farm, we are beginning to see many more species of parrots, doves, sparrows, crows, and varieties of beetles. We see plenty of butterflies flitting around and mongooses, lizards, snakes, and rats are back in this region. We are happy to share our habitat with all creatures in this ecosystem.  At VSPCA, we believe that it is our duty to regenerate natural habitats and co-exist with all animals. Our actions have harmed the healthy balance maintained by these species for millions of years. 

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