VSPCA’s Volunteer at Work!

VSPCA’s Volunteer at Work!

At VSPCA, we are fortunate to have many volunteers who help us take care of street animals. 

One such animal protectionist is Ms. Sujatha. Sujatha is sixty years old and earns a daily living wage selling vegetables in the local market. With meagre earnings, she continues to support distressed animals residing in her neighbourhood. She is deeply attached to the dogs who come to VSPCA’s One-Stop Feeding Station established early in the programme. She looks after them, notifying us of emergencies they face, and we support her in caring for the community dogs. 

To these neglected innocent animals in Town Kotha Road, she is their caring, feeding, and nourishing mother. We have lost count of how many dogs she has saved from starvation. She ensures their access to food and water. Notably, she provides them with the one thing every living being needs, which is love and comfort. 

Ms. Sujatha collects food packets from the VSPCA team that arrives at the feeding station at 5:30 a.m. every morning and distributes the food to the hungry dogs. Since they know it is coming, they do not forage the dustbins of the city. VSPCA stands up for hygiene and cleanliness in our city, taking the necessary actions that will safeguard the public health of all residents in the city. Small actions lead to bigger ones like arranging for animal vaccinations, spay-neuter surgeries, or reporting a cow that has ingested too much plastic.

In our eyes, people like Sujatha are true champions of street dogs! We are respectful in choosing our collaborative partners to help with street animals. The city’s animals need our vigilance if we want peaceful, sanitary, and healthy communities.  Also, we want to set a good example for our children as they grow up knowing we care about all beings in our neighbourhoods. 

To help our team achieve the city’s missions and goals, please contact us if you would like to volunteer! Be a champion for all animals!  

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