VSPCA Rescues a Cow Stuck in a Drainage!

VSPCA Rescues a Cow Stuck in a Drainage!

A few days ago, we received a call about a juvenile cow stuck in a drainage ditch for almost three days!  When our team arrived at her location, we observed that she was fatigued and malnourished after not being able to eat or sleep for over 70 hours. Animals are not helpless unless they end up in human-dominated situations or areas with no care or concern in the design of amenities with regard to their existence/lives. 

Our team immediately got to work.  After slogging for two hours, the team was able to get her out of the canal safely. She was then transported to our Main Shelter for revival, hydration, and a thorough checkup by our skilled and empathetic medical team. They ensured the proper medications she needed with access to food and water.  She will get special feed our cows get, to help her get stronger, while we figure out who can adopt her. 

Our medical team recognized just how close to hypothermia she was. Rescued in the nick of time, she is now recovering well at our shelter. 

The story, unfortunately, does not end here. Heavy rains lashing our city have destroyed a lot of the cattle dry feed. Rescues like the cow in our story need more help from the public. There are warnings of severe storms followed by heavy rains that will put a huge strain on our feeding and medical supplies. These are essential items needed at animal shelters.

Please help us ensure that all animals residing at VSPCA shelters and those we take care of outside, have what they need especially during inclement weather. All the funds donated to VSPCA will be used prudently for the city’s animals.  

We call on our well-wishers, donors, supporters, and animal lovers to be by our side. To donate, please click the link below. 

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