Badshah is a Survivor! (TW: injured dog)

Badshah is a Survivor! (TW: injured dog)

A few months ago in September, our team at VSPCA received a desperate distress call from a  citizen from the Akkayyapalem area. They voiced their concerns that a street dog was hit by a speeding car and sustained severe injuries. Upon receiving this news, our team rushed to the spot for immediate action and shifted this poor dog to our shelter for rescue and rehabilitation. After inspecting his injuries, our vets identified him as a  dog who had previously been part of VSPCA’s ABC (Animal Birth Control) and ARV (Animal Rabies Vaccination) programme, and we named him Badshah. 

Due to our medical team’s quick thinking and action, Badshah has fully recovered at our shelter under the care and supervision of the vets, paravets, and volunteers. After ensuring his full recovery, we decided to return him to his neighbourhood home. 

At VSPCA, we see many different species with various injuries, ranging from mild to severe. We are grateful to our medical team and volunteers who are ever-alert and ready to help a poor animal.

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