Update on Dog Park at Kindness Farm!

Update on Dog Park at Kindness Farm!

On November 14, 2022, the Dog Park located in Kindness Farm opened with the support and guidance of our partners at NetAp, Switzerland. 

VSPCA’S founder and president, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath had this vision to inaugurate a  dog park where abandoned pedigree dogs would be given a second chance at living a comfortable life. Despite the fact that there are laws and rules set in place by the Union Minister of Environment and Forests to govern dog breeders, sellers, and buyers, local authorities do little to nothing to enforce these laws and stop breeding. Bred dogs are subjected to live in substandard conditions and face immense cruelty.  Often pedigrees are abandoned by their owners when they realize that they have needs and must be taken care of with greater care. Therefore, many such dogs are abandoned and left on the streets to fend for themselves. Since they are bred and brought up in captivity, they are not used to the harsh conditions of living on the streets and unfortunately meet their untimely demise. The pandemic exacerbated this phenomenon where VSPCA was called upon to pick up on average 20 pedigree animals per week!

Apart from our efforts to help the authorities streamline and enforce the laws and regulations set in place by the Indian government for dog breeders, we have planned and constructed the Dog Park in Kindness Farm. 

The Dog Park is a full-fledged manifestation of 25 constructed, housing units/bungalows for the dogs with their own swimming pools, sandboxes and recreation areas, along with their companion burial grounds. We pay our respects to many dogs who have loved us and we have lost at our burial grounds with tombstones. We have banners across the Dog Park indicating NetAP (our partner, Network for Animal Protection)  is collaborating with VSPCA on this Kindness Farm project. In the first phase, we hope to accommodate around 30 dogs with plans to expand as resources become available.

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