Celebrating St. Aloysius Anglo Indian High School’s 175th Anniversary!

Celebrating St. Aloysius Anglo Indian High School’s 175th Anniversary!

Last year on November 25, 2022, St. Aloysius Anglo Indian High School celebrated their 175th anniversary. They are one of the oldest schools located in Visakhapatnam. VSPCA was not only cordially invited to their celebratory festivities but was also invited to put up a stall showcasing our programs and our message of our compassion towards all living things and environmental protection principles. We proudly share that at least  1,500 people visited our stall. 

St. Aloysius is VSPCA’s founder and president, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath’s alma mater.  He shares a special bond with many school members, past and present. Mr. Nath shared his legacy and his pioneering work in animal welfare in the city of Visakhapatnam with all attendees present, including ex-students, children, chief guests, and other dignitaries. 

We were able to network and connect with the guests and show the work VSPCA has been doing over the years. Additionally, as part of our awareness and education campaign, this was an incredible opportunity to reach out to the masses to join our team and help protect our regional biodiversity! 

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