Eco-Friendly Logs at VSPCA!

Eco-Friendly Logs at VSPCA!

At VSPCA, we do our utmost to ensure that all the products we make and use are environmentally friendly. Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath, founder of VSPCA and his team have come up with a process to manufacture pyre-burning logs from waste in Kindness Farm. The intent is to protect trees used as fuel for all burning and cooking, and these logs do not pollute the atmosphere as they do not contain chemicals. VSPCA makes logs from the waste of bovines (cows and buffaloes) with the objective to provide an alternative to wood as fuel. The goal is to prevent trees from being cut down and thereby prevent deforestation in the district of Visakhapatnam, beginning with the region of Koruvada. 

In Hindu culture, the dead are cremated.  A lot of wood is required for cremation, which can lead to devastating consequences culturally and environmentally when the wood is insufficient. VSPCA-manufactured pyre logs are being used at several cremation grounds at this time. Making the switch from wood logs to VSPCA-offered environmentally-friendly logs, will not only help save the environment from pollution but,  such logs are considered pious as they are made from cow dung, where the cow is “Kamadhenu” the ever-giving animal, whom most Hindus revere. These logs are smoke and pollution free

Our team at VSPCA is working with local officials and donors to rent a godown and autorickshaw to store and help deliver these environmentally-friendly logs to areas with high demand. We believe that as awareness increases, there will be an increased demand for these logs. We hope to set a trend in this work that means something to our ancestors as well as to our future generations (in terms of a healthy planet).  

At VSPCA, we use our own hand-made logs to cremate our own resident animals who have passed away, and for cooking and other religious purposes for our Kindness Farm employees and residents of Koruvada. 

We seek your engagement and funds to broaden our log-making capacity and our market reach. Many others may be able to make such logs quickly.  However, our logs are made from the dung of animals we rescue. Their dung and grazing movement also help in soil regeneration

At Koruvada, every experiment in sustainability sets us up to further educate the village residents in more ways to conserve their biodiversity and live in harmony with the animals around them.  This is the most important outcome for VSPCA. 

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