A Model Dog Park for Every City!

A Model Dog Park for Every City!

Last month, our team was alerted to an abandoned pedigree labrador suffering from kidney problems. We immediately went to the location to rescue him and brought him back to our shelter for care and treatment. This beautiful abandoned pup has been with us since. VSPCA team is hopeful that he will recover completely. It is very sad to see that even well-to-do owners will abandon pedigreed dogs when they fall ill just to avoid treatment. Pedigreed animals suffer from birth being born in horrible puppy mills. They don’t get their mother’s attention even for the basic 11-12 weeks, which every fur child needs. 

Pedigree dogs form deep emotional attachments with their owners and getting left behind brings them a lot of trauma. They don’t play with their kind (unlike the street dogs). They live at the mercy of human families.  And, they remain, in certain ways, enslaved forever.  It is key to understand that such animals are isolated from normal dog behaviour and as owners, we must do everything to help be their best family members.  

Our team tries their best to help them, shower them with love and care, and fill the void created by their previous owners. For this very reason, we created our model  Dog Park inaugurated recently at Kindness Farm, with support and guidance from our partners at NetAp Switzerland. The park is their home for rehabilitation, bonding with others of their kind, and slowly getting back to the life they rightfully deserve.  

The Dog Park at VSPCA’s Kindness Farm, is a full-fledged manifestation of 25 constructed, housing units/bungalows for the dogs, with their own swimming pools, sandboxes and recreation areas, along with their companion burial grounds. VSPCA staff always pay their respects to many dogs who have loved us and we have lost, at our burial grounds with tombstones. We have banners across the Dog Park indicating NetAP (our partner, Network for Animal Protection)  is collaborating with VSPCA on this Kindness Farm project. In the first phase, we can accommodate 30 abandoned pedigrees and have plans to expand as funds/resources become available. 


We request your support for this worthy cause. Please help us expand this project. Thank you. 

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