Meet Soodhi!

Meet Soodhi!

In our earlier articles, we introduced our readers to Blacky and Rowdy, both of whom are victims of erroneous releases by the Municipality into the wrong neighbourhoods (territories not of their origin, living, and familiarity). This is dangerous for the animal as it is unfamiliar territory.  This kind of careless release, can not only lead to conflicts between the other stray dogs in that locality but also conflicts between residents living there. VSCPA has become a household name for solving these kinds of issues and for devising resolutions for complaints received from the public. 

Soodhi is one such victim of an erroneous release by the Municipality. Once we got the complaint from a resident of that neighbourhood, our team removed him from this hostile environment and brought him to our shelter. Upon inspection, he had severe mange and was extremely weak. Unfortunately, he had suffered a lot with this condition amongst healthy dogs and was in a great deal of pain.  With our medical team’s dedicated care, love, and treatments, Soodhi recovered quickly! Regretfully, we had to tend to Soodhi in a very short time as his toes were crushed under a fast-moving vehicle. Our team rushed to the area to rescue him and administer the necessary treatments. He is still under our care and is making good progress

In the time we spent together, we noticed that some of Soodhi’s favourite foods include dal chawal, brinjal, okra, potato fry, and choka roti!  Please support us in caring for animals like Soodhi who have no one else to care for them or any system to do what’s right for them. 

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