Dog Protection Programme at VSPCA!

Dog Protection Programme at VSPCA!

VSPCA’s Dog Protection Programme or DPP involves many vital steps in this comprehensive programme to ensure that street, stray, neighbourhood, specific locality, campus, and “community” dogs are humanely spayed/neutered, and their basic needs met, i.e., access to clean water and nutritious food on a daily basis. Importantly, for public health reasons and prevention of the spread of zoonotic diseases, all dogs in our programme are regularly vaccinated AND re-vaccinated each year. This is no small task for the population of dogs in Visakhapatnam. 

We are very proud to announce that stray dogs from our Feeding Programme are now included in our Animal Birth Control Programme. We aim to have all stray dogs spayed and neutered, released in their home territory, and ensure they have access to food and water. This is a joint initiative with our partners at NetAP (Network for Animal Protection), in Switzerland. With their help, guidance, and support, we feed over 300 stray dogs daily at 16 feeding stations, established in key areas where the dogs frequent. At our feeding stations, feeding goes on throughout the day from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. It is a significant commitment to procure the food that includes bones, broth, meats, and rice; cooking these large quantities of food; ensuring that biodegradable newspaper supplies are used for packaging and transporting the food. Additionally, we need to ensure that we not only have volunteers or staff members available to deliver the food packets but also the proper mode of transportation

We welcome any help or support you can provide as volunteers, donors, cooks, and transporters, as it is essential to have food packets delivered to the feeding stations that are located across the city of Visakhapatnam. We are committed to this programme. When staff are short or sick, we must postpone office work until after midnight–in order to meet the needs of all field programmes we have committed to which can be difficult. However, seeing the city clean, with highly-diminished human-animal conflict, and healthy animals, is our joy and reward

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